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GoodSync Enterprise 多語言中文註冊版-文件同步工具
Goodsync 可以說是目前最好用的的文件同步工具,可以支持雙擊同步,單向備份,多任務的同步工具.本地文件同步、windows網上網上鄰居同步、FTP同步、WebDAV同步、Amazon S3同步、sFTP同步 winMobile同步。GoodSync的自動同步和備份電子郵件,照片,財務文件,MP3和所有其他重要文件之間的台式機,筆記本電腦,外部驅動器,FTP,安全FTP,WebDAV的,Amazon S3的服務器和Windows Mobile設備。

GoodSync Enterprise 多語言中文註冊版-文件同步工具

Siber Systems(曦薄系統)曾出品了著名的RoboForm(填表小子),已擁有一系列高度可靠,易用使用的軟件產品,其最新代表作正是GoodSync。本程序可以自動同步和備份大量的電子郵件、數碼相片、財務文檔、MP3歌曲以及其他重要的文件,無論是存放在台式電腦、便攜筆記本、服務器還是外部設備上,它都可遊刃有餘。


GoodSync如何方便地設置和使用,這些都需要你來親身體驗。接下來,我們的介紹將讓你瞭解如何快速進行設置和自動同步數據。GoodSync 正是一個 文件同步 和 文件備份 的軟件,它可以遊走於你的台式電腦、筆記本電腦、外部驅動器之間自動進行同步。支持:Windows 7 / Windows 10系統。包括Windows Server 2016.




無論是台式電腦、便攜筆記本、網絡服務器還是外置驅動設備,無論是通過局域網絡還是互聯網絡,只要是你的重要文件,都可以自動同步和備份。通過使用創新性的同步算法 ── GoodSync 將在未來數年中成為同步領域的領先者。



GoodSync Enterprise 多語言中文註冊版-文件同步工具

Version 10 New Features

Additional storage options

GoodSync 10 now offers even more cloud storage and service providers; all those found in version 9, plus OneDrive Office 365 and Amazon Cloud Drive. No matter your storage preference,

Updated interface

With an ever-changing digital world, we're staying ahead of the game by providing the best visual experience for our users.

End-to-end data encryption

Maximize your security and include encryption on the destination as well. AES with 256-bit key is used for encryption, with all file blocks chained. Random salt is applied, so different encryptions of the same file will produce different results. File size will increase by exactly 32 bytes.

Faster backups

Improved peer-to-peer (P2P) connectivity with block level incremental data transfer allows you to enjoy even faster backups – saving you time and increasing productivity. In our own internal testing, we saw increases in transfer speeds as high as 400%.

Improved organization for jobs

Users can now utilize a new grouping feature to compliment the improved job status dashboard. We understand how crucial organization is when syncing countless, important files between your devices. That's why we've made GoodSync 10 easier to use!

GoodSync for Business Console

Our GoodSync for Business console now offers centralized administration and reporting, eliminating the need for end user interaction. This streamlines the process, allowing a single administrator to handle all installations, back-ups, synchronizations, job assignments, reporting, and more.

Version 10.1.4 Oct 11, 2016
OneDrive: fixed error Access denied: No auth code in response: error=invalid_resource&…
WinFileSys: Fix processing of Access Denied on SetFileAttribute in DeleteFolder, etc.
Account Manager: fix Copy Locked files not working, due to option propagation problems.
Licenses: Fix License Response Message from previous automatic license deactivation still shown.
Browse dialog: Fix Default Secure option not working in GSTP.
Browse dialog: Fix Refresh button was not reading changed settings from Advanced pane.

Version 10.1.3 Oct 08, 2016
OAuth2 Consent: Launch Default Browser Chrome/IE/Firefox/Opera in Private Mode.
Browse Dialog: improved navigation, fixed several GUI bugs.
Account Manager: fixed bug that caused overwrite of good credentials by blanks.
On File Change / On Folder Connect: Fix not detecting reconnect.
Add GoodSync-v9.exe to Ver 10 distro, so that Ver 9 GUI can be run from Ver 10 distro.
* gsync: Fix tmp-job command was not working.

Version 10.1.2 Oct 03, 2016
* OneDrive: fix Unauthoirzed 401 error on download of files with guestaccesstoken.
* Options dialog: Fixed Dialog lines in some languages do not fit.
* Job List: Fixed sorting of Auto column is broken.
* Sockets: fix working with mixed IP v4-v6 environment.
* Fix Runner still thinks it is ver 9 and does not run OAuth2 systems.
* Upload Enteprise distributions for ver 10.

Version 10.1.1 Oct 01, 2016
* First Official release of GoodSync ver 10.
* Added file system for, similar to other OAuuth2 systems.
* Fix Encrypted + OAuth2 file system keeps requesting browser authentication.
* Account Manager: Use different account key for plain and secure version of the same server.
* ACD, GDrive, OneDrive, DropBox: improve management of tokens, esp. on forced refresh.
* GUI: Fix Errors Count and Button were not updated when we get Errors in Sync.
* Browse Dialog: Improve detection of changed properties.

* Pipe Forwarders: make them more stable, increase speed.