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  商品編號: DVDXX17073
  商品名稱: d16 Group SilverLine Collection 2019 一款包含了十多種音頻插件的套裝
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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d16 Group SilverLine Collection 2019 一款包含了十多種音頻插件的套裝
d16 Group SilverLine Collection 2019破解版是一款包含了十多種音頻插件的套裝,為你在音樂創作的時候提供幫助。它支持跨平台使用,兼容性很好。同時還具備音頻修復能力,消除存在的噪聲。

The D16 Group SilverLine Collection is a collection of VST and AU plug-ins that includes their Devastor multi-band distortion unit, the Fazortan space phaser, the Decimort bit crusher, the Redoptor vintage tube distortion, the Toraverb space modulated reverb, and the Syntorus double path analog chorus. All of the included software requires a VST or AU compatible host application and can operate in 32- or 64-bit modes.

Product Highlights:
6 Effect Plug-Ins
Reverb, Bit Crusher, Distortion
Chorus & Phaser
Devastor, Fazortan, Decimort, Redoptor
Toraverb, Syntorus
32- or 64-Bit Operation
Mac & PC Compatible

Antresol v1.1.4 - analog BBD stereo flanger
Decimort v2.1.6 - high quality bit crusher
Devastor v2.1.5 - multiband distortion unit
Fazortan v2.0.0 - controllable space phaser
Frontier v1.0.0 - free self-adaptive versalite limiter
Godfazer v1.0.0 - advanced modulation unit
Redoptor v2.0.1 - vintage tube distortion
Repeater v1.1.5 - vintage modelled delay
Sigmund v1.1.2 - high quality flexible delay unit
Syntorus v1.4.0 - double path analog chorus
Tekturon v1.0.8 - multitap sequenced delay
Toraverb v2.0.2 - space modulated reverb