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  商品編號: DVDXX15037
  商品名稱: DA-Software OrderForm 4.7.0 HTML網單製作工具
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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DA-Software OrderForm 4.7.0 HTML網單製作工具
DA-Software OrderForm是一款非常好用的HTML網單製作工具,使用DA-OrderForm創建HTML表單以在線銷售您的產品。不需要特殊的HTML知識,您的網站空間不需要任何特殊要求。在軟件中配置訂單的顏色,字段,項目和設置。使用新的導出嚮導將表單添加到主頁。

Use DA-OrderForm to create HTML forms to sell your products online. No special HTML knowledge is needed and your webspace does not need any special requirements. Configure colors, fields, items and settings for your order form in the software. Add your forms to your homepage with the new Export Wizard.

For each item special options can be configured, for example for the user to select a special edition, color, size and other things.

The software is best suited if you sell only a few items and an online shop would be oversized. The content of the order is delivered to you as HTML email or text only email. Thanks to the captcha spam protection, your order form cannot be abused by spam bots.

Super fast order form creation
Create fully functional HTML order forms to sell your products online. With validation, price calculation and design.

Captcha Spam Protection
Protect your form against spam bots with the integrated captcha spam protection. Integrated IP lock and honeypot function against spammers.

Different item types
Use different item types for your products, for example free selection, fixed price and checkbox types.

Responsive formse
Create responsive HTML forms based on the Bootstrap and W3.CSS framework. Your form will work perfectly on mobile devices and tablets.

File Uploads
Use file upload fields to allow users to send files to you. Multiple uploads possible.

Calendar field
Add calendar fields for date inputs.

Export Assistant
Easy embedding of the forms into your homepage, copy the code, paste it and you are done.

All HTML fields available
Use all standard HTML fields. Each field can be configured to your needs, input validation for email addresses, numbers, input etc.

Generous License
Created HTML forms can be distributed without any restrictions. Install the formmail script for your customers. Free software updates.

Formmail script
Your HTML forms will work out of the box. You can use our hosted formmail script or install the script on your own webspace.

Create and use templates for often used items and fields.

What's new:
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