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  商品編號: DVDXX14649
  商品名稱: PDF Shaper Pro / Premium 9.0 Multilingual-PDF工具集合
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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PDF Shaper Pro / Premium 9.0 Multilingual-PDF工具集合
如今對PDF處理的軟件很多都是只是單一的功能。PDF Shaper給你完全不同的體驗,因為PDF Shaper是一款PDF工具集合的軟件。有了PDF Shaper,你以後再也不用下載其他處理PDF的軟件了。PDF Shaper的功能有:合併,分割,加密和解密 PDF,圖像轉換為 PDF,PDF 轉換為 RTF 或 圖像,從 PDF 中提取文本和圖像。

PDF Shaper is a powerful and PDF software, which offers a collection of PDF tools and utilities to modify and optimize your PDF documents and its content. With PDF Shaper you can easily split and merge any PDF documents, extract text and graphics from PDF files, encrypt / decrypt document with password and change users permissions, convert images to PDF or PDF to images, convert Word DOC/DOCX to PDF and PDF to RTF, view and print PDF documents.

PRO features
• Split and merge PDF documents and pages
• Extract text, graphics and pages from PDF documents
• Convert images to PDF documents, PDF to image
• Rotate, crop or delete pages from PDF documents
• Encrypt or decrypt PDF files, sign and set user permissions
• Add or remove watermarks and update metadata
• Convert Word DOC / DOCX files to PDF documents
• Convert PDF documents to RTF
• View and print PDF documents with external PDF viewer
• Usage in commercial organizations or with commercial purposes

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