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  商品編號: DVDXX13204
  商品名稱: PixelPlanet PdfEditor Multilingual-PDF編輯工具
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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PixelPlanet PdfEditor Multilingual-PDF編輯工具
PixelPlanet PdfEditor是一個簡單易用的PDF格式的編輯工具,易於修改PDF文檔中的鏈接,圖片,文檔和編輯,你可以刪除指定的PDF頁面,和有一個PDF加密PDF合併,等等。

PixelPlanet PdfEditor Professional 4.x Multilingual | 
PdfEditor 4 Professional - The perfect software to edit PDF files. Simply open PDF documents in PdfEditor and carry out the desired changes. Furthermore, PdfEditor allows you to create new PDF files. Begin with a blank PDF document or create a PDF file from existing files (e.g., Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.). Different files can be combined or existing PDFs can be supplemented with other documents (e.g., Word).

Edit PDFs
Edit PDFs directly in the editor. Change text, images or other objects…

Delete content
Delete data, text and metadata permanently from PDFs (redaction)…

Merge PDFs
Merge multiple PDF files or Office documents into one brand new PDF document…

PDF forms
Edit and create PDF forms that can be filled in directly in the Reader…

Highlight text
Highlight text as if using a real highlighter pen or add comments…

Split PDFs
Split multi-page PDFs into single pages or delete from the document…

Change and edit PDFs
You can now finally take charge of your PDFs. Regardless of whether you want to change, delete or simply rearrange text, with the PdfEditor you can make all changes directly in the PDF. It’s almost like standard word processing, so it goes without saying that you can also edit graphics and even vectors. And filling in forms is naturally also not a problem.

PDF Hyperlinks
Set and edit links (email, web) and labels in PDFs…

PDF stationery
Add your company stationery to the background of PDF documents….

PDF watermarks
Watermark PDFs, e.g. to mark their confidentiality…

Delete content (Redaction)
For the professional editing of PDFs, security is, naturally, a must. In the PdfEditor you can redact any comment. What’s more, to even better effect than some secret services. Version 4 also offers a search & redact function. Search for any text in the PDF and delete it permanently and irrevocably from the document. After saving, all the text which has been blacked out is permanently deleted and can no longer be retrieved.

Annotate and highlight
Changes to PDFs are one thing, but what if you just want to add your thoughts to the comments of a colleague spread over several pages? With PdfEditor this couldn’t be simpler. Add your comments or highlight text as if using a highlighter. In addition to yellow, you can of course also select other colours.

Merge PDF documents
Your colleague sends you documents almost every day and you are starting to lose track of things? This isn’t a problem, simply merge all the documents into a single PDF. What’s more, PdfEditor is not even particularly picky. If in addition to PDFs, it’s also possible to add Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

Text recognition for scanned PDFs (OCR)
Sometimes PDFs are created directly from scans (PdfEditor can also do that by the way). It’s such a shame that this isn’t a proper PDF, but rather an image camouflaged as a PDF. But help is now at hand. With the integrated optical character recognition (OCR), it is possible to enable scanned texts to be searched in. All in all, a true makeover.

Most Important Features:
- Editing of text directly in the PDF
- Editing of graphics and images
- Elimination of content by redaction
- Highlighting of text as if using a highlighter pen
- Creation and entering of PDF forms
- Merge several documents to form a PDF
- Split multi-page PDFs
- Headers and footers including date function and page numbering
- Add stationery, graphic or watermark to your PDF
- Enabling searches to be made in scanned PDFs per OCR
- Creation of PDFs from every printable application

Requirements: For Windows 10, 8, 7, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, Vista, 2003 or XP (SP3)

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